Papyrus Walk is a blog opportunity.  It provides me with a place to note and discuss ideas in Global Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Sociology, and Politics.  More recently I have also become interested in organisational governance in global health and development. The blog originally appeared in 2015 on the domain reidpath.net. That site was hacked.  Foolish me!  Unfortunately the posts that had appeared there are now in the aether, although a number of the papers I discussed are available on my Research Gate profile.

I have re-established the blog as new and moved it from reidpath.net to the eponymously named domain papyruswalk.com, which you must have accessed or you would not be reading the “About” page.

I have disabled comments on the blog. That is what got me into trouble in the first place. The reality was that very few people commented, and much of what I published on the site was an external expression of an internal dialogue — as it will continue to be. If however you have read something on the blog and want to draw my attention to an egregious error or think ostentatious flattery might gain you some advantage (I fear it won’t), please email me at my Monash University Malaysia email address.

Daniel Reidpath